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Start Your Journey with TNCPE

How do you launch a journey toward performance excellence? TNCPE can help you and your organization improve systems and increase results. Whether you need a performance tune-up or are looking for some first steps toward quality and continuous improvement, we can help your organization find a path. Whatever your motivation, there are several ways to start your journey to performance excellence with TNCPE as your partner.


TNCPE Programs + Services

While the core of TNCPE’s assessment program remains the application and awards process, we are committed to meeting you where you are. We offer several opportunities to engage your team with the Criteria and level up your performance excellence journey. Whether you’re in between applications, just starting out, or need a little tune-up after an especially hard year, we can help!

Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence
Baldrige for Beginners

The Baldrige for Beginners workshop is a one-day introduction to the seven categories of the Baldrige Excellence Framework™. The workshop includes class discussions and activities designed to help participants use the basic level questions in each category to assess their own organization or area. Each participant will receive a copy of the Baldrige Excellence Framework™.

Location | Virtual or On-site
Limit | 30 participants
Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence
Strategy Concepts that Move You Forward

The best strategic planning processes begin with an understanding of your strategic advantages and challenges. In this 4-hour course, a TNCPE facilitator will guide you through a SWOT analysis and help your organization identify its most significant strategic opportunities. Use this workshop to kick off your strategic planning cycle or to fill in the gaps in your Organizational Profile!

Location | Virtual or On-site
Limit | 25 participants
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Leading for Excellence

A must-have for managers that covers designing and implementing processes with excellence in mind! Take a deep-dive into the intricacies of work systems, leadership systems, and measurement systems to elevate your understanding and implementation of proven strategies. Join us on a transformative journey towards operational excellence and sustainable success.

Location | Virtual or On-site
Limit | 25 participants
Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence
Leadership Orientation

The 60-90 minute Leadership Orientation is designed to introduce an organization’s senior leaders to the Baldrige Excellence Framework™ and how it can be used to help them define and achieve excellence for their organization.

Location | Virtual or On-site
Limit | None
Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence
Application Writing

No matter where your organization is on its journey to performance excellence, this hands-on workshop will propel you forward. In this full-day course, you will come away with a deeper understanding of your organization and the Baldrige framework, as well as a project plan for writing and editing your application. You will even complete some application requirements during interactive exercises throughout the day. Whether this is your first or fifth TNCPE application, this workshop will get you moving along the path to success!

Location | Virtual or On-site
Limit | 25 participants
Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence
Lightning Solutions the A3 Way

It is not uncommon to struggle to gain meaningful results on those irritating problems. This 4-hour workshop is based on the popular A3 Lean tool and is designed to teach participants a step-based approach to problem solving that will focus the team on strong collaboration, active communication and working the action items to achieve results. Work together with your TNCPE facilitator to tackle an organizational problem or significant OFI!

Location | Virtual or On-site
Limit | 25 participants

Partnering in the Pursuit of Performance Excellence

TNCPE Partner | The Lean Six Sigma Company

Lean Six Sigma Courses

The need to improve organizational efficiency and productivity has never been greater. Today’s challenges require organizations to streamline operations, finding ways to eliminate waste, simplify processes, and quickly improve results.  TNCPE is excited to partner with The Lean Six Sigma Company (TLSSC) to bring powerful online and in-person Lean Six Sigma training to our members in a convenient, virtual, efficient, and cost-effective way. Explore all of the Six Sigma training opportunities on our partner website: Lean Six Sigma Training | The Lean Six Sigma Company

More from The Lean Six Sigma Company
TNCPE Partner | LBL Strategies

Mastering Strategy

Strategic Management Performance System Certification Program

TNCPE has partnered with LBL Strategies and George Washington University to offer access to this intensive, hands-on Continuing Professional Education program designed for professionals who are looking to build their skills sets in the management of strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. Mastering Strategy is available in a Live Online or Self-Paced format.


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Collaborative Baldrige Bootcamp

The Collaborative Baldrige Bootcamp allows members of your workforce to collaborate with trained TNCPE examiners to assess the organization and identify opportunities for improvement.

This is an immersive and dynamic program crafted to empower organizations with the principles of the Baldrige Excellence Framework while cultivating a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. Collaborate with TNCPE Examiners to pinpoint your business’s strengths and key opportunities and design a road map for your improvement priorities. Participants leave with actionable strategies and a renewed commitment to drive excellence in their organizations.

The Collaborative Baldrige Bootcamp Provides

One-on-One Coaching

Your assessment includes individualized facilitation with a Master Examiner

Condensed Timeline

The shortened timeline of requires minimal preparation.

Site Visit

The on-site visit will engage and energize your team.

Customized Assessment

We provide a tailored assessment with your goals in mind.

Team Engagement

Working together, the assessment also fosters team development, collaboration, & buy-in.

Prescriptive Insights

Developed internally, the assessment feedback offers detailed information on your strengths and OFIs.

Feedback Report

The feedback report is built for long-term sustainability – full of insight you can come back to again and again.

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The TNCPE Board of Examiners

You might say the TNCPE Board of Examiners is the engine that drives our organization. This group of quality-driven professionals collaborates to assess the businesses and organizations that apply to the TNCPE Award Program each year. They’re also tasked with developing the valuable feedback reports that applicant organizations use to streamline their processes, empower their workforces, and achieve the results they want.

Join the TNCPE Board of Examiners to expand your knowledge base, enhance your personal effectiveness, connect with like-minded professionals, sharpen your competitive edge, and empower yourself to use the Criteria for Performance Excellence in your own organization.

All examiners take part in annual training to learn how to assess the companies that apply to the TNCPE award program. They learn how to use the Baldrige Excellence Framework (which includes the Criteria for Performance Excellence), analyze and evaluate applicant organizations, conduct the examination process, and prepare value-added feedback.

Examiner Benefits Include

Training in the internationally acclaimed Baldrige Excellence Framework

Networking and benchmarking opportunities

Hands-on experience that will add tremendous value to your own organization

Exposure to proven best practices in leadership, strategic planning, and more

A complimentary ticket to the annual Excellence Celebration Dinner

2.7 continuing education credits through Tennessee Technological University

Want to join an excellent group of leaders?

Being an examiner with TNCPE is one of the best things I’ve done – for my career, for my personal life. It definitely opens up your mind to continuous improvement. I learned so much. There’s so many resources with TNCPE. It’s not just being an examiner for that one time, it is everything else that is involved..


– Leslie Blevins, Bristol Tennessee Essential Services –

Having been an examiner for the last two years, it’s a journey in itself. I’m still learning. I’m still getting ‘A-ha!’ moments… But I think it’s such a professional growth opportunity that I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to do it.


– Buffy Key, Cookeville Regional Medical Center –

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