Our Thoughts on the Baldrige “Break” and What it Means for TNCPE – and You!

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (BPEP) announced June 2nd that they would be suspending their award cycle for 2022. In the news release, they stated they are “[initiating] a comprehensive, independent review of the Baldrige Program. This review will assess how the program can best advance U.S. competitiveness and address the challenges most relevant in today’s business environment, as well as examine how its impact and accessibility could be increased.”

TNCPE looks forward to the outcome of this review. Those of you who have been part of our TNCPE community for any length of time know that TNCPE (as well as the other State and regional programs) work closely with BPEP to ensure alignment with the Baldrige Excellence Framework™ and the overall assessment and award cycle. We believe the recommendations that will be provided from this broad review will provide incredible insights to help TNCPE continue to refine our services to attain our vision to be a trusted partner and regional resource in achieving performance excellence. 

While the BPEP program is suspending its award cycle for 2022, TNCPE is still going strong! We have already begun our 2022 Examiner training cycle, and we have closed our Intent to Apply window for applicants. This is one of our favorite times of year, as we get an opportunity to connect with a large cross section of our community. 2022 is an even more special award cycle for us, as we will host three of our four examiner trainings in-person for the first time in three years! It will be wonderful to get hugs and fist bumps from those whom we did not get a chance to see at our in-person conference in March. 

We thank everyone in our community for being such staunch supporters of the TNCPE program as we continue to live out our values of continuous improvement, creating value and customer focused excellence. We are committed to helping each of you find your moment of excellence in 2022!


Heather & Kelley