Baldrige Asks for Criteria Feedback and We’re Breaking it Down

We were excited to see that the Baldrige Program has been in the process of seeking input needed to revise the Baldrige Excellence Framework® to keep it on the leading edge – we are in the business of continuous improvement after all! And much like we have been doing over the last few years, they are seeking to simplify the process without losing its efficacy. 

To maximize their efforts, Baldrige met with experts and master examiners across a variety of sectors to ask for revisions and feedback; reviewed literature and benchmarking of other excellence programs; and interviewed Baldrige consultants on where their clients’ pain points and key benefits lie in the Framework.

In a series of webinars, Baldrige leaders raised discussions on a variety of topics that are impacting organizations now and in the future. Much of the related feedback on the Criteria could be sorted into three main buckets: transformation, supply network, and innovation. We will be interested to see how and if these items appear in the next iteration of the Criteria, expected in late 2022 or early 2023!

  • Advanced Technology, Disruptive Technology, & Predictive Analytics
  • Award Process Improvements & Simplification
  • Incorporating Lessons from Covid into the Criteria
  • Virtual/Hybrid Working Environments
  • Changing Leadership
  • Supply Network Challenges & Reliance
  • Consideration for New Organizational Metrics: SDGs, ESG, Drucker Institute, etc.
  • Workforce Issues & Vulnerabilities


Read the full article on Blogrige and see how you would answer some of the questions they posed!